Saturday, 23 June 2012

Maxfactor Free Gift With Purchase of £15..Worth it?

I'd seen a  few 'free gift if you spend £' deals flying around in Boots recently, including this one and another amazing one by 17. It wasn't available when I went to get it, so though I'd pick this up instead as it looked really good. I picked out two lipsticks which I'll show you in a haul soon :) (which evidentially turned out to be the exact same lipstick. Twice! What am I like!?! Just glad I like it haha) and then tootled up to the till with this bad boy.

Now, I am not usually one to make a blog post to moan about a brand in particular. Don't get me wrong, I do like the brand Max factor, I was just a little disappointed with this to be honest.  
Boots claims that this free Summer set is worth £26... no way! It wouldn't even be worth £26 if they were FULL size products, which is what it states. I'm not very impressed. 

I know this set is a free gift, and I would of spent the £15 anyway, but I just thought it was a bit ridiculous that they advertised this as worth £26. I know some people may just spent £15 to get this free gift as it looks deceiving, and as my blog is about budget beauty, I thought I would see whether it really is worth £26?

It comes with this cute tin, a little Make Up Artist Tips flyer and a £3 off Max Factor Foundation, which is quite good. 

Maxfactor Nailfinity in 549 Red Passion (36m)
I was a little dissapointed to see this product in here, as I have previously owned it  (this exact colour, infact!) about 2 years ago and really didn't like it. It is a mini, but it is probably the only half decent product size provided in this set. I will probably give this to someone, although if I remember correctly, it was a really strange texture and took ages to dry so I don't know who will want it!

Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in 14 Soft Pink
I'm not joking, this is TINY. They give bigger free samples out at High End counters like MAC. It actual states 'tester' at the back of the box. I am not the biggest of cream blushes anyway, so I doubt this will ever be used by me. It just looks a bit stingy really!

Maxfactor Masterpiece MaxHigh Volume & Definition Mascara in Black ((5.3ml)
This is probably the only item I was happy with and plan to repurchase at full size! I was a bit wary as I prefer bigger, fatter brushes, but with one application on the eyes, my eyelashes looked a lot longer and thicker. I really do like this, and its ideal for your clutch on a night out so thumbs up from me.

Max Factor Colour Collections in 510 English Rose (36m)
This is the smallest lipstick I have ever seen. The colour is lovely, but really, the way the lipstick is, it isn't nice to apply at all. 

I've done a little research as to how these products retail at full price if you are interested....
Max Factor Colour Collections  full size - as little as £4
Maxfactor Masterpiece MaxHigh Volume & Definition Mascara £9.99
Maxfactor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush as little as £4.93
Maxfactor Nailfinity as little as £2

The full size products you can get for £20, probably even less with a little more bargain hunting! I know I probably sound stingy as this is a 'free' gift, but I think its a bit of a swizz!

I'm sorry if this was a negative post but I like to be honest with my readers about things I've picked up! Its okay for free, but I think it is false advertisement when they claim its worth £26 when it is probably worth less than £5!

Have you picked this deal up?
What other deals have you seen around lately? Share below!


  1. Tut tut! Look at Max Factor trying to pull the wool over our eyes! I think these photo's are deceiving cause the products kind of look decent sized but obviously they aren't! Least you got a very british looking tin out of it, everyone seems to be going mad for the union jack at the moment!

    1. I know it really annoyed me and I dont know why! I might add some photos of the products next to full sized products just to show the ridiculousness of it!
      Yep least I get something, but the OH will have to have it as it doesn't go with my room at all! xx

  2. I got that . . . that little blush thingy swatched a nice shade . And the lipstick was cute to .


    1. Dyou think hun? I don't like the blusher, the lipsticks a nice shade just wish it was a bit bigger! x

  3. Ah that's so annoying! They can't false advertise like that!
    Cannot believe they think that the tiny samples are worth £26...nice tin it came in though haha!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. I know, I feel really stingy but it really did irritate me!
      Yep haha well the tin is probably my most favourite, and the £3 off foundation too :) xx

  4. Hi
    I was considering getting this but now I don't think I'll waste my money, thanks for the warning :)


    1. no probs lovely glad it helped :) xxx