Saturday, 4 March 2017

My Cath Kidston Glasses

I have been a glasses wearer for a good while now. I don't wear my glasses that much, (although I should probably wear them more often than I do) but I do wear them for reading and when I'm sat at a computer. I used to get frustrated at secondary school as I didn't think I suited glasses so always picked glasses with very slim frames. As time went on I realized these glasses really didn't suit my face shape and started to choose different frames and found I absolutely love thick, square frames, and that is pretty much the style of glasses I have bought over the last five years. Towards the end of last Year I bought some new glasses and I just love them, and thought it might make a slightly different blog post to my normal beauty posts.

These are the Cath Kidston 10 frames and are available at Specsavers. I really like the dark purple frames and how thick and square they are. I also like how the branding isn't plastered all over the frames, but love the light pink floral image inside the frames. I love pretty, girly, floral things in life but I don't think I can quite pull off floral patterned glasses just yet, so these are a great alternative until then.

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