Saturday, 7 January 2017

Christmas Lush Goodies

It seems a running theme over the festive period on my blog that I feature a lot of Lush products. There is just something about a lovely scented bath over the Autumn and Winter Months.
I'm super grateful to have received two lovely Lush gift sets as Christmas presents. The first one is Rudy. Silly old me did the unthinkable and didn't photograph the gift set when it was all wrapped up nicely (naughty blogger, tut tut) but I love the wrap gifts at Lush and I'm sure I will find a use for the cute Reindeer wrap. Inside Rudy includes two bath bombs: Butterball and Shoot For The Stars. Butterball is a good all-rounder bath bomb, it doesn't give an amazing display in the tub, but is very kind to the skin; leaving it smelling and feeling very soft. Shoot for the stars on the other hand; as you can see, turns your bath water a bright glittery blue and smells of orange and honey.

I also received the Jingle Bells gift set, that includes another two products; Father Christmas Bath Bomb and Peeping Santa Bubble Bar. I was so grateful to receive Peeping Santa as I have been wanting to try this for ages and my local store never seemed to have it in stock. The scent is very similar to fresh strawberries and gives a lot of bubbles, as well as a cute pink/red tint to your bath water. 
I've used Father Christmas before and it is one of the best Lush Christmas bath bombs ever in my opinion. This one turns your bath water into festive green and red swirls, and finally displays only a vibrant green tint to the bath. It is a very sweet scent and smells a little similar to Snow Fairy shower gel.

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  1. You can't go wrong with a Lush bath set at Christmas.
    I had the Shoot for the Starts bath bomb and it looked and smelt beautiful but I didn't like having to clean the bath so much afterwards! That glitter went everywhere!