Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Teksta Kitty

When it comes to Christmas and gifts for children and adults alike, there is a huge array of toys to choose from. Debenhams is my first stop for pretty much anything when it comes to gifts, so it is no surprise that they stock a huge amount of toys. I was asked if I would like to review this Teksta Kitty; an electronic robotic cat with touch and sound recognition, so here is my verdict.

First off, how super cool and cute does this kitty look?! This is probably one of the coolest toys I have seen in a long time.

The Teksta Kitty is really easy to learn to use. The Kitty comes with instructions which help you to understand how the toy works and how you can get the best out of it.
Kitty will make a variety of eye expressions which will let you know how she is feeling. Her eyes light up and it is fun to guess how she feels by her eyes and the sounds she makes.
You use the mouse not only as a remote for the kitty, but you can also 'feed' Kitty with the mouse too!
The Kitty walks, dances and you can also teach the Kitty three tricks. Kitty will recognize sounds close by and will work towards any loud noise. Using hand gestures you can learn to teach Kitty to walk and stop. You can use both the mouse and the two buttons on Kitty's head to play with her, but as said before, Kitty responds to sound and movement also. Kitty makes purring, meowing,  and other cat noises during play time, so it really is a lot of fun to have a cute electronic cat around the home.

As well ans playing with the Teksta Kitty, you can also Download the app on Tablets and other smart devices which works with the Teksta Kitty aiding the Kitty to do more. I think this is a fun attribute for any child that owns a Tablet to interact and connect to their Teksta toy.

I think the Teksta Kitty is a lot of fun and would be a great gift for a person of any age between 3 - 12 Years, but also the Kitty is amusing for the whole family. The added bonus of the Kitty being able to connect to Tablets etc. makes it very current and enjoyable to use and connect with.
You can also check out Debenhams website for other gifts and toys. 

*I was sent this product to review on my blog. I received no further compensation. All opinions and views are 100%  honest and my own.*

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  1. This is super cute, I had one toy like this po-chi but it was a dog,this is even better because it is a cat!