Friday, 23 January 2015

Own Brand Beauty Buys - Do You Rate Them?

I have been thinking recently about the amount of beauty products I own and have rediscovered some hidden away beauty lotions and potions I had forgotten about. I have a lot; from high - end, drugstore and bargain brands. I am no brand - snob and I will happily purchase supermarket's own branded products. I often use some of these products regularly and thought it would be something a little different to talk about. I wanted to share some of my favourite own-brand products and to see if they matched up to the more expensive brands. 

Tesco Medicated Shampoo -link
Medicated shampoo can be picked up pretty much anywhere, and lets be honest, they all do the same thing. I have a sensitive scalp so it is essential I use a medicated shampoo at least once a week. Have you noticed how expensive shampoo is these days? This is why I opt for Tesco's own brand - and it does the trick. My hair feels clean and my skin doesn't react to using it. 

Wilko Rhubarb and Vanilla Shower Scrub -link
Wilkinson's is a great store to pick up all of the bargains, and I recently started trying out some of their body care products. I have tried a few of their products but the Shower Scrub stands out to me the most. It does smell a little synthetic when you first apply it to your skin, but after you have washed it off, it smells amazing. It is great to exfoliate with and lathers a lot. I definitely think it is just as good (if not better) to other shower scrubs I have tried that are at the higher end of the price scale. 

Boots Therapy Nourish Shower Gel -link
I have been using this shower gel for a while now, it is one of those 'back-up' shower gels I buy when we're running low of our favourite body washes. The scent is gentle and faint so is not too overpowering. The shower gel lathers well and leaves skin feeling soft, so is a really good bargain in my eyes. Sometimes 'cheaper' shower gels feel a bit strange and gloopy on the skin but this doesn't - I think it is just as good as other brands.

Are you a fan of own brand beauty products?

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  1. I use tesco shower gel or any other brand that is on offer, I'm pretty happy to branch out in this area and I've had some lovely gels as a result.
    At the minute I'm using a tesco lavender body wash and it's really good!