Thursday, 23 October 2014

Quitting Smoking? A review of the Bye Cig Starter Kit

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This post may be a little controversial, but I am sure a lot of us have been around smoking at some point in our lives; whether it be yourself, your family, friends or colleagues smoke or have smoked. My partner smokes and really wants to quit. Of-course, thinking just of the health benefits alone, it would be great for him if he did quit as he has been smoking for years and it is now taking its toll on his health. 
When liasing with an SEO analyst for Bye Cig, we were offered to try out the Bye Cig Starter Kit*.
Bye Cig is a new UK electronic cigarette company which specialize in electronic cigarettes and accessories. They often have great offers and savings so be sure to check out their Twitter page to keep up to date.
Seeing as my partner is the one who trialed out the kit, I will hand you over to him now so he can share his thoughts and experience of using the Bye Cig Starter Kit.

The Starter Kit I received to try is the Tobacco Kit.
Bye Cig's are really easy to use, the kit includes a small instruction guide which helps a lot. The Bye Cig lasts for a long time without having to recharge, which is great. It is super easy to charge Bye Cigs, as this kit comes complete with a USB so you can easily charge it up on a laptop or computer.

I really like the design of the Bye Cigs, I like how they look like an actual cigarette. They light up green when in use. I think the 'box' which houses the Bye Cig's and the USB is very sleek and clever as it looks just like a cigarette box. It is great that the kit comes with a box to keep them safe and protected. The kit comes complete with two boxes of cartridge refills, as well as there being two refills inside of the box, which makes the Starter Kit really good value for money. The refill pack contains three cartridge refills, which tend to last me almost two weeks.

I do think the Bye Cig's have encouraged me to quit smoking. I would definitely purchase from Bye Cig in the future as I really like the design of the electronic cigarettes, and I think they are good value for money, too. I would definitely like to try some of the other flavours in the future; particularly cherry and vanilla. I would recommend trying Bye Cig if you are trying to quit and you are looking for a reasonably priced product. Comparing the Starter Kit to buying cigarettes and roll-ups, for me, shows that the Starter Kit is much cheaper and better value, which has been another great incentive to continue using Bye Cig.

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  1. I have about three different types of kit at home and still haven't tried them out. I really need to stop smoking! Stephen :o)