Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Not On The High Street Review

First of all, I will tell you in advance that this may well be one of the longest blog posts I have written in a long time. Hopefully you will find it as interesting and enjoyable as I have done writing it.

The products that will be featured on this post are from a popular online store called 'Not On The High Street'.* If you are not familiar with this web site, they are well known for their quirky and unique gift items and home furnishings.

I spent a long time browsing through the website, they have such a huge selection of different things it took such a long time to choose what I wanted. They have such a great selection of different items; from home ware, to gifts, fashion, accessories, garden-ware, weddings, pets, and much more.

The first item I am going to share with you is a beautiful pair of Sterling Silver stud earrings by Love The Links which are shaped as tiny little coat hangers. (Link here). I was immediately interested in them as they were so different to anything I had seen on the high street before. I love quirky and random pieces of jewelry, and as a self-confessed clothes hoarder, I knew these cute little coat hanger earrings were perfect for me. They are very affordable at only £4.99, so they wont break your budget.

The next item I ordered from Not On The High Street was a beautiful rose gold word bangle by Lisa Angel. (Link here). It is a stunning bangle which is loose on the wrist, with the wording 'Be True To Yourself' engraved onto the outside of the bangle. The bangle looks classy and elegant, yet very simple which will stand out as a statement piece in a simple outfit. The bangle is plated metal, which means it wont leave marks on your skin, as some other bangles would do. This product in particular came in such beautiful packaging, you can tell a lot of thought, time and effort is given to their designs.

The final item I ordered was this pretty black and white floral dress from Jolie Moi. (Currently Unavailable). The dress looks like a skater dress, but can be worn very formal or casual too. The material is quite thick and the pattern on the dress are of a velvet effect, which makes it feel such good quality. I find this such a beautiful dress which you could wear to many occasions, such as; a Wedding, a party, an evening out, or even in the day time with some simple flats.


I was seriously impressed with the quick delivery times that all three of my items were dispatched and delivered to my door. I also found that each company put extra effort into their beautiful packaging.
Some items are limited stock, so you are guaranteed they are quite unique and individual styles you wont see on the high street. If you fall in love with a product on the site, I would recommend taking advantage while it is in stock.
I would highly recommend shopping with Not On The High Street as you will find them helpful, presenting great customer service, and the products are unique and like nothing I have seen before.

Check out the website to see what other beauties you can find!


  1. awww the earrings are adorable :) great finds, I have never used this website before. x

  2. Nice Post!!!
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