Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ella & Rose Light Body Butter

Ella and Rose
Creme Of All Cremes
in Patchouli & Vanilla
Light Body Butter

As a huge fan of bath and body products, I was delighted to receive a lot of products at Christmas, which I am sure if you are like me you love this as they last you well through out the year! One of the goodies I received was this body butter from Ella & Rose. They are a UK based company which are quite difficult to track down online, but I have seen them available in large ASDA stores before. 

The packaging as you can see is very girly and looks similar to Soap and Glory packaging with the vintage lady and the colours. 
The body butter itself is more of a light body cream than a body butter, as it states it is very light which I really like. It sinks into the skin really quickly, leaves the skin feeling moisturised and the scent is just absolutely gorgeous, and has made me fall in love with it more than anything. The scent is patchouli and vanilla. Patchouli, if you didn't know, is a tropical plant with white and pink flowers which smells lovely and is usually the scent in products we use every day. I really love the smell of patchouli as its fresh and sweet, so this body butter is perfect for me.

If you want to purchase this body butter you can do so.here. It is difficult to track online, but Ella & Rose products are available in some larger supermarkets.

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