Thursday, 8 August 2013

Elemis Tranquil Touch Body Wash

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Tranquil Touch
Creamy Body Wash*

Being a self - confessed beauty worshshipper, it is quite the norm for me to have a hundred products on the go at once. I have many bath and body products I could fill a house with, I am trying to curb my obsession though, by using up all of my products before buying more. I have just finished this product (like a true #bblogger by photographing it first ;) ) and thought I would tell you all about it.

Elemis is a brand I have used very few products from, I like the things I have tried but I feel they are pretty expensive for what they are. This tranquil touch cream body wash is probably one of them. I do really like it, it smells quite nice, and does leave my skin feeling really soft and smelling lovely after use. The scents in this are pathcouli, vetiver and cedarwood, which are often scents in many body washes. I prefer body washes like this which lather nicely, rather than the very cheap 'gel' textured ones. 
The body wash is very thick, creamy and lathers quite well.

The full sized 300 ml body wash is available from John Lewis here for £19.50


  1. I use an Elemis moisturiser and I think it's great! £20 is a bit steep for body wash though I think x

  2. love your blog so far and your review of this body wash, sounds great :)

    just followed u, lets follow each other?