Monday, 12 November 2012

The Xmas Shopping Guide: The Partner Edition

I think this is the hardest christmas shopping trip you will make this Winter! It definitely will be for me. I think it is very difficult finding something very specific, meaningful and original for your partners present at Christmas. For me, it has to be special. Why not buy them the DVD of the first film you went to see at the pictures together? Or burn a CD full of songs you both love. Maybe buy a big photoframe and fill it with photos and memories of you both, or even buy a digital photoframe and put all your favourite pictures into a memory card. Let me know what you are planning on doing :) I love a bit of romance me.

My top picks for the Girlfriend/Fiancee/Wife:

My top picks for the Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband:

What are you planning on getting your other half this Christmas?


  1. I wouldn't mind a spa day or the bag! I always really struggle with my boyfriend's presents, he's not much of a materialistic person. I was going to get us tickets for something at the theatre but there doesn't seem to be much on, so it's back to the drawing board! xx

    1. Me either, this post is a great way to make a hint haha :D you should definitely write a xmas wish list and leave your page open for him to see :D

      awww thats really difficult if hes not very materialistic. I am sure you will find something lovely though :) xx