Sunday, 18 November 2012

How far do you go on Christmas Gifts?

How are we all?
Long time no chat, hey?

I thought I'd write up a little post today Christmas related (please don't hate me)
But as the shops are now heaving with Christmas loot I thought its quite a relevant topic and off course it is a subject I like to talk about, A LOT.
I have really been enjoying writing my Xmas Shopping Guide posts and have a general love of the festive season.

I was just wondering how you girls are getting on with your Christmas shopping? 
I am usually quite the control freak and have the majority brought by now, but those odd things keep cropping up that I need to get but keep forgetting and its stressing me out. Everything I want to get is ALREADY out of stock or I just cant find the items anywhere. WHY OH WHY.

And here is another question which I really would like to hear your thoughts on.

When do you draw the line on the amount of gifts you buy someone?
I am not particularly asking the spending limit, but does anyone else have the predicament when buying for someone, thinking 'it doesn't look enough' and end up buying little bits (that will probably never be used) to make it look more of a gift?! How far should we go? And who for? How many gifts should we buy one person? 
I always get so carried away worrying fgifts aren't good enough and I wanted to know where you guys draw the line.
Off course I am sure you will reassure me that whatever you buy will be nice and anyone you buy for, and they will appreciate it no matter the amount, size or price of them items and will be grateful that you were thoughtful enough and spent the time, money and effort to buy them a gift. But I still worry.

What are your thoughts on gift sets? I for one adore a good bath and body gift set, but after having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago, she said and I quote 'why do we all buy shower gel sets for each other? We can buy shower gel and bubble bath dirt cheap any other time of the year, its expensive at Christmas just because its in a easy-to-wrap cardboard box- where the thought in that?!' Off course I don't entirely agree with what she said, I adore a good bath set at Xmas and I usually get stocked up for about 6 months with the amount I recieve (I am sure a lot of you will agree this is a great thing!) but it got me thinking about how much thought goes into something like this. Like I say, it is a very practical gift everyone will get use out of. It could be said that not much thought goes into it. I try to be as thoughtful as I can with gifts but sometimes you really cant think of anything else to get, or the person you are buying for really does adore luxury products or a relaxing pampering session so it is deal for them. I am torn between both reasons and just wondered what you lovelies thought?

Please let me know on your thoughts :)


  1. I always find bath sets to be one of those items that people just buy because they don't actually know you or want to go looking for something more suitable. They are easy to pick up so there is no real effort involved.
    I always like to do my own little variety box. You can pop in stuff you know they actually like and it shows how much you care and listen to them. They don't have to cost the world and it's stuff they will definitely use.

  2. i love bath sets but this year i making my own, filling them with hand picked products i know they'll love! When it comes to the amount i do normally have a budget & stick to it. If i think it's not enough i'll make some xmas presents. Currenly making my first handmade xmas & will blog about it soon! Can't wait for christmas :) x

  3. We have made a rule at work for secret Santa not to buy bath sets or body butters, however one girl did say she would love it.. which shows how we all have different opinions about it. I personally love a nice gift set and I am the same, getting stocked up for months :-) my fave thing to receive is fancy shampoo sets, I keep them for special occasions and am currently using a tigi set...

    When it comes to buying gifts my rule of thumb is one main thing and three small items, for example my best friend is having a makeup set as the big thing, plus a necklace, earrings, and some slippers, and my other best friend has a big cake decorating set and I'll be getting her a few little bits.. not sure why I have the rule tho lol. Another thing is that I always try to get stuff that can be used all year round....

    My fave part of t all is wrapping it hehe :-) loads of bows and ribbons :-) x

  4. I haven't bought anything yet and am now starting to feel a bit behind! I'm divided about the shower/bathy sets, especially when it comes to men, they're so hard to buy for! It might sound snobbish but I think a good quality bathy type set is lovely but you can tell when someone's just bought one as a 'filler' pressie.


  5. Ya I agree with the bath sets. I know I enjoy getting them and they are a great gift, but I know some of my friends that would prefer something else..Found you on blog hop! New follower:)
    Cool blog!

  6. I think considering the current state of the economy ppl shouldn't be so particular with gifts.. whether it's from a giver's or receiver's standpoint.
    New follower :)

  7. I agree with Plush Pink Allure's comment, people shouldn't be picky with gifts.

    I personally enjoy receiving and giving gift sets (get more for what it's actually worth)

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  8. I find it so tricky buying christmas gifts and how much to spend - i think it's all about quality not quantity :)

  9. Ooh I've been toying with writing a similar post lately. I've always gone all out at Christmas [personal fave - bought my then bf an electric piano at £800, two days later he dumped me and sold it on eBay!! classic case of spending too much] but this year things are a little different and I won't be. I'm only buying for immediate family and my very best friend, and only things that they want [i.e. I'm asking what they want]. I've seen the box of speciality tea I thought my MIL would love stuffed in the back of a drawer recently and a perfume set she received used as toilet air wasted, right? So this year I'm gonna be careful and buy things people either request or I know they would love, and if I don't know them well enough to do either, I'm not buying!x

  10. First of all, Celia is that for real? I would of wrapped the piano around his head before he had a chance to put it on ebay! I think one of the only acceptable bath sets are the ones from lush as you can personalise them for different people, other than that bath sets are normally seen as the cheap and easy way out of a thoughtful present. As a guy I've had hundreds of pointless lynx sets from distant family members who obviously know nothing about me, I mean lynx, really?!

    I always spend the most money on my Mom because she's amazing. Other than that I don't go big on other people, unless I'm totally in love with someone and then I just can't buy enough!

    Great blog btw, new follower :)