Monday, 7 May 2012

Shopping Ban Update: Week 8!

Hello beautiful readers, I am really, really excited at the thought of finishing University in a weeks time! I just have one exam and one essay (I say just, oh dear!) left to do, and hopefully aslong as I pass it all I should be done for good! Very exciting times ahead :)

My shopping ban this week... well, not the best, I will be honest. I brought a top for £5 from Primark, a blanket for my bedroom for £3, and just an absolutely ridiculous amount of food and drink! I think I am trying to make up for the fact I cant spend on anything else, so I am bulk buying in food and drink I don't need!
I was also very naughty at the start of the week, and took advantage of the fact that my other half was picking me up from work, and brought a huge organiser, magazine rack for my room from WH Smiths. I also picked up a pen holder which I may use for makeup brushes. I may do a blog post soon about these storage items, and perhaps my make up storage if you would like? Let me know :)
I feel so so guilty, I haven't saved barely any money at all and definitely need a pick me up! 

I've also, as you know, been trying to use up old products I already have in my room and it pains me to say I have no make up wipes left! I am the laziest person ever, and I am so annoyed that I have to cleanse and tone to take it off now, too much effort. Very lazy and bad for my skin, I know! 
I'm running low on loads of body things I think I will have to get some bits soon. 

To be honest, I am really struggling at the minute. I am so bored out of my mind bored of not being able to spend any money, not that I have any anyway! Its coming up to my 21st birthday, which is on the 22nd of this month, and I have so much planned, but no idea how I intend on paying for it all. I wish money never existed!
Have any of you got any ideas of any alternative ways of spending my birthday without spending too much money?

Two quotes I thought contrasted nicely about the different attitude towards money.  Which one do you agree with more?
Both pictures provided by We Heart It

I haven't got any weekly lusts this week really, just about everything haha! I haven't been up to much either except for work 5 days this week, uni, seeing my OH and I went out for a friends birthday for drinks on the weekend.

How has your week been?
Comment below :)


  1. i started my own ban and i can't even get through week 1 after a haul at forever 21 :)))) and i am struggling with FOOD!!! food is too good :(

    love the blog! <3

    1. Its really hard isn't it hun!
      And well you cant blame a girl for having a little shop in forever 21!! ;) Thanks babe :)

  2. these are really great quotes. Congratulate with finishing the University :)