Sunday, 26 February 2017

Beautiful Blooms from Blossoming Gifts

Is there really anything more lovely than having a beautiful bunch of flowers delivered to your door?

Why not treat yourself or the ones you love to a stunning bouquet from Blossoming Gifts. They cater for all budgets and have a huge selection of flowers and gifts to choose from. With Mothers Day just around the corner, Blossoming Gifts really are worth checking out.
The stunning bouquet I picked is called Rose & Iris Ready to arrange. I adore roses and they are my favourite flower. I just love to see such gorgeous bright yellow roses alongside the pretty blue iris. I love the contrast of these colours together, I think it works really well and the flowers are just beautiful.

I was so impressed with the delivery, they arrived packaged really well in a box and I was looking forward to being a little creative and arranging them in a vase. I did cut them down ever so slightly to fit well into the vase after taking these photographs. I am definitely no florist but I think I have done an okay job at showcasing these pretty petals.
I'm certainly no flower expert; yet I did mainly pick this gift as I wanted to be able to arrange the flowers myself and I just loved the vibrant colours. We have them in a shabby chic looking vase on our kitchen windowsill and they make me smile every time I walk past.
I received the flowers over 2 and a half ago now; and they are still going strong - the blue iris only recently begun opening up. I think they will probably last another Week which is pretty impressive.

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