Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Testing: Facial Wax Strips

I've decided to start a new mini series on my blog, testing new (to me) products and beauty tricks that I've never tried before. If you have any suggestions on what types of testing reviews you'd like to see here, let me know!

Jolen Face Wax Strips blogger review, Jolen Face Wax Strips review

Wax strips are nothing new to me, I have been waxing my eyebrows at home for the past four Years. I find wax strips really easy to use, very effective and very inexpensive. I've never before tried facial wax strips though, so this was my first time testing them out. The product I've been testing out over the past few Weeks are the Jolen Wax Strips. I know hair removal is sometimes seen as a taboo subject to discuss, but I'm here today to shed my thoughts on a product I've always been really intrigued to try, and figured, if I am eager to hear more about these types of things, maybe you are too?

The Jolen Facial Strip Wax aim for a 'quick and effective method of removing unwanted hair from the face'. Included in the kit are 16 individual wax strips, already shaped and suited for the upper lip.They state that they are suitable for sensitive skin, and are enriched with chamomile and grape seed oil.
The strips themselves are already pre-coated which is definitely the best part about them in my opinion - I do not want to be messing around with hot wax.

Does it work?
Jolen claim for their wax strips to last up to four weeks. It has been around three Weeks or so of me first trialing them, and I do agree with them here. I really liked the strips as the instructions are easy to follow and the strips are already cut into shape. They do remove even the shortest hair.

Did it hurt?
I wouldn't say using this method is painful or uncomfortable for me, but we all have different pain thresholds. My skin didn't feel irritated after using this and it didn't cause a reaction to my skin. It left a slight redness, which disappeared after two hours or so.

Would I use this product again?
Yes, I would actually. I think the Jolen wax strips work really well and are incredibly inexpensive costing just 90p! They are available in store at Primark - I definitely recommend you to check them out.

*PR sample. All views my own, as always*

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