Thursday, 18 August 2016

Conditioner for Brunettes

Taking care of the colour of my hair is always something I have struggled with. I have tried tonnes of different hair styling and hair care products to prolong the colour of my hair, but not many products live up to their claims. I have found one which actually does.
This is the Henara Bronze Shine Conditioner with natural henna and walnut extracts. I had never heard of this conditioner or the brand previously, but the brand have a selection of other hair care products which I will definitely be investing in.
This conditioner is designed to enhance brunette hair. I have been using this conditioner for a few weeks now and the colour of my hair looks freshly dyed and vibrant. I usually dye my hair every three months or so, and by the second month the colour starts to become more dull. This hasn't been the case while using this conditioner though. It leaves my hair feeling super soft, looking healthy and full of life.
The best of all? This product is incredibly affordable; I have found it online for as little as £1, what a bargain.

*PR sample*

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