Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

I am in the process of reviewing a lot of my Christmas Lush purchases on my blog; although I do feel awful for reviewing them when they are not currently available to buy, but I thought it would be good to document what I thought of them and to hear your thoughts.
One of the bubble bars I bought was the Candy Mountain bubble bar; I had never tried this before but heard good things about it. The scent is very light and is described as sweet, but I couldn't really smell the scent at all. In all honesty I was quite disappointed with this bubble bar. To me, it didn't really smell of anything. It did lather up some bubbles, but I was expecting it to be much more than it was. Once added to your bath, your bath water turns to a pink colour, and it creates a few bubbles. My skin did feel soft after I used this in the bath, which is probably the only pro I had from this product. I probably wouldn't buy this again if they bring it back next Christmas as I wasn't bowled over, which is a-shame as I know a lot of people love this bubble bar.

Have you tried this bubble bar?

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