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April Degustabox 2015

Are you a fan of subscription boxes? I am a big fan of Degustabox; the surprise subscription box which arrives once a Month full of 9-14 food and drink products. Most of the products are new or products you may not have picked up in the supermarket. Degustabox is a great way of trying new food and drink and discovering new favourites! The box costs just £12.99 per box - you can get £3 off your next order making the box just £9.99 with my discount code GUBN9. 

This Months box is the international box, which is full of food and drink from different places around the World. I think this is a great way of trying products you may not have tried before, I am really looking forward to using the products this Month - I think this box is the best yet!

Veetee Rice - Spicy Mexican Style and Peri Peri, £1.49 each
Microwavable rice is really convenient, and of the best brands I have tried is Veetee. I am eager to try these flavours which I haven't tried before.

Barry's Tea, £1.75
We are big tea drinkers in our house, so new tea bags are always something exciting to try! Barry's Tea is a family run Irish company which are well known for their varied range of tea. I am eager to try their gold blend tea, I have heard only great things!

Cirio Tomato Fillets, £1.69
Cirio is a famous Italian brand which sell a huge variety of tomato based products. Their tins of tomato fillets are perfect to add into a curry. 

Cirio Double Concentrated Tomato Puree, £1.20
Cirio Tomato Puree are a great addition to add to spaghetti bolognaise and other meals. I really like products like this, as they are so useful kept in the cupboard.

Kinder Chocolate with Cereals, £1.55
Chococlate is well appreciated in our home, and Kinder is one of favourite brands. The mini chocolates with cereals taste delicious and are a tasty afternoon treat.

Kinder Choco-Bons, £1.55
Another Kinder product which tastes amazing are the choco-bons, which are covered in milk chocolate and hazelnut pieces. Kinder chocolate was originated in Germany.

Nandos Potato Chips - Smokey BBQ, Spicy Chicken, Sizzling Hot, £0.69p each
Nandos are hugely famous in the UK for their tasty chicken - so who wouldn't love Nando's crisps?! These taste really flavour-some and tasty - perfect with your lunch.

Schwartz Authentic Indian Recipe Mixes - Korma and Balti, £1.08 each
I am a big fan of Schwartz products, I often use their spices and powders when making homemade meals as they are so easy to use and add so much flavour. I am eager to try their Indian recipe mixes. This a new product range so it is really exciting to be able to try these out!

Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery, £2
Made famous in the USA, Debeukelauer Cookies Bakery are irresistible cookies which I must say, taste amazing and moreish! 

Scheckters Organic Energy Drink, £1.35
Scheckters Organic Energy is a natural energy drink. I know this will be drank pretty quickly from someone in the family as we do enjoy trying new energy drinks. 

IDrinkq Enhancement Drink, £1.49 each
IDrinkq is a new generation drink which claims to help you think smarter. I am interested to see how this tastes and to see if it improves my mind!

Kingfisher (Alcoholic choice), £2.00
Kingfisher is India's number one selling beer. It is a refreshing, cold beer with subtle citrus flavours, perfect to go down with a curry. I know my Dad and partner both really like this beer so it will go down a treat! This is the alcoholic option in this Months box - you are able to choose whether you would like an alcoholic choice or non alcoholic choice. 

Wonjo Drink (Non - Alcoholic choice) 
Wonjo is a natural hibiscus drink which aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and is made from natural ingredientsWonjo is the non - alcoholic choice for the box (you would receive one or the other).

You can read more about Degustabox on their website and social media links here:
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