Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Introducing the New Clynol Kera Rebuild Range

Clynol Kera Rebuild

Clynol have created another fantastic range of hair products: Kera Rebuild; which helps to transform damaged, dry, and difficult-to-manage hair into glossy, supple and healthier looking hair.
Clynol's Kera Rebuild products re-build strands of hair at a 'deeper cellular level' - this is made possible because the products include Kerastrong Complex with liquid keratin, which is a fibrous protein with helps in forming the main structural constituent of hair. This actually restructures the hair from its past damaging and after just one application, Clynol state that it restores the hair to its normal condition, by completely strengthening the hair. 

I have very damaged hair due to years of dying and bleaching, as well as the amount of heat I use on my hair on a daily basis. I was hoping to see good things after the promise of such fantastic results from just one use... I wasn't disappointed! I have been using all three products together for the past few weeks and my hair looks completely different in terms of the way it looks and the way it feels. It doesn't look so frazzled and damaged anymore, and it feels such a lot more healthier.

I have reviewed each product from the range below giving a little more detail.

Clynol Kera Rebuild Renew Fortifying Shampoo

Designed to give damaged hair a new lease of life, the Renew Fortifying Shampoo cleanses and rebuilds the hair, leaving the hair feeling silky soft, smooth, moisturized and full of life. A perfect every day shampoo, this cleanses and nourishes my hair. My hair smells and looks just like I walked out of a salon after using it. 

Clynol Kera Rebuild Replenish Restructuring Treatment

Damaged hair is always in need of a deep cleansing treatment, the Replenish Restructuring Treatment is perfect for this. After use, this leaves the hair feeling nourished, stronger and in great condition. I swear by this, I absolutely love it. I have been using it once or twice a week for a pamper treat. It leaves my locks in such amazing condition. It feels as though it literally transforms my damaged, knotty and dull hair to strong, silky soft, bouncy and healthy looking hair. A definite favourite of mine and I cannot recommend enough. 

Clynol Kera Rebuild Youth Spray - Serum

The Spray Serum from the range is a great tool to use on wet and damp hair, to help detangle while brushing through those pesky knots. It aims to rebuild and strengthen the hair structure, while increasing the resilience of the hair. I am really impressed with this product. My hair is much easier to brush through after using this before blow-drying my hair, I really do see and feel the benefits from it.

Clynol Kera Rebuild Hair Range Review

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  1. My hair is so dry and gets so knotty so these sound great
    Beth x