Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Helen E Cosmetics Skin Smoother

Helen E Cosmetics Skin Smoother

Skin Smoother, Helen E Cosmetics RRP £13.50 

Helen E Cosmetics is a brand which I have heard quite a lot about but have never purchased anything from before. Helen E Cosmetics is a privately run company which was founded in 1999 by Helen Elowe. 
I picked up a little beauty set from a Helen E stand while I was at the Clothes Show Live in December; included was the skin smoother, which one of the sales assistants had told me about. She explained that there are no shades for this product as the one colour suits most skin tones. She added that it helps to even out your complexion and is a long - lasting base which is easy to use. I was intrigued to try this, as the colour of the product looks far too dark to match my skin tone. I also pondered on the coverage of this product and how I would get on with it, as I wasn't particularly sure whether I could use it alone as a foundation base. 

The packaging is white plastic with a small mirror, it is quite basic and sleek. 
The skin smoother simply adapts to your skin tone - Although it looks far too dark for my pale pasty skin, it didn't look orange or patchy like I thought it would. I used a Real Techniques buffing brush to apply this product onto the face, which helped to even it out. 
Now, I did really like this product as it left my face looking soft and even. It lasts well all - day and I am quite impressed with it. I use it underneath a liquid foundation, because for me it just doesn't give the coverage I need in a base product. I actually use this as more of a primer product, I know that the product can be used as a foundation, concealer and primer but for me it is used best as a primer before foundation. I would recommend to anyone after a base product which is light coverage. 

Edit: I have since been advised to use make up sponges rather than a buffing brush to apply this product onto the face, which works much better!

Have you tried any Helen E Cosmetics products?

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