Thursday, 13 February 2014

MAC Lipstick in MAC Red

Mac Lipstick in MAC Red

Mac Red Lipstick, Perfect Red Lipstick

This lipstick was my first MAC lipstick purchase. A whole year ago now, I picked this pretty lippy up and I have worn it so much since. I love the creamy finish to it, it is a Satin finish which I love. It lasts about 2 hours before having to reapply, I find it difficult with vibrant reds as they don't tend to last, but this doesn't smudge so I don't mind reapplying every few hours! It actually leaves quite a nice stain to the lips. The colour is a blue-toned red which we often hear raved as this is meant to make your teeth appear whiter. It is a very true red which I find looks great if you are after that lovely, classic red or if you are like me and love anything 50's. For me this is the perfect red lipstick and is the one I use the most. 


  1. Looks gorgeous on you x

  2. This lipstick looks lovely on you :) I haven't tried anything from MAC but this lipstick looks great!

    Gemma xx