Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Review: 17 Eye Dazzle Dusts

Hi guys!
 so a quick review for you today. I had purchased a set of 4 eye dazzle 'dusts' by 17 (Boots) a few weeks ago; I've never used them before but decided to give them a whirl.
I got a set of 4 dusts which were: pink, blue, a cream/white and gold. They come in small 'pots' if you will, and they have a sprinkler type opening (I mean small holes, similar to what you have on a pepper pot, sorry I am unsure of the correct phrase for this!) .
The dust itself lives upto its name as it shouts 'dazzle'. Its very glittery and shimmery and quite pigmented for a cheaper brand. I've used them all, mainly the white.cream and pink because they are beautiful.

Above are the pictures of the eye dazzles; the top is a swatch I did which you may not be able to see because of the flash lighting of my camera, but they are very sparkly and glittery and overall just beautiful really. If you like glittery and shimmery eye make - up looks I would definately recommend these because they're gorgeous.
As always, thank you for reading
I'd love to read your comments of thought, it would make my day!
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